Author Linda Lonsdorf debuts in the publishing world with the release of this gripping whodunit that keeps you riveted from the first to the last page.


The police, FBI, private investigators, government officials, the media, their families and communities, and the American audience all await in the unraveling of a Family Threat in this intriguing and heart-stopping novel.

Private Investigator Doug Conrad is in Chicago to, hopefully, find evidence exonerating or convicting the nephew of Akron’s mayor who is a suspect in the murders of Harriet McGrary, a wealthy widow, and her caregiver.  While there, he is called back to Akron regarding the sudden disappearance of his wife.  Foul play is certain. 

Doug Conrad has a reputation of impeccable character within the community and has been eliminated as a suspect.  He is a superb investigator and begins to work with the police in finding his wife.  No ransom has been demanded but a package proving Cynthia Conrad has been abducted and is in imminent danger was received along with an ominous note predicting Conrad and his two children were in grave danger as well.  The motive is unknown and could be endless in respect to his career as an investigator who has put endless criminals in prison for a myriad of heinous crimes. 

Despite a police officer assigned to protect their home, another family member within the house disappears.  As this mystery unfolds, Doug Conrad leans on his dear friend, Pastor Pascoe, for moral support and his partner, Mitch Neubauer, while fighting time to save his family.  Conrad’s professional demeanor and his personal life are in conflict in a gut-wrenching way. 

Twists and turns will intertwine the disappearance of his family members and the mayor’s nephew.  Will Doug Conrad, the police, and the FBI solve this mystery in time to save his family?  It has become such an intriguing and heartbreaking case, the media has catapulted it into a national crime case that grips the hearts of Americans.